Georgia's Bagpipe Band — North Atlanta Pipes & Drums

Welcome to North Atlanta Pipes & Drums (NATLPD), Georgia's Bagpipe Band. We were founded in 2007 when a small group of seasoned musicians joined forces to bring something different to the local piping scene. Their vision was, and remains, to bring together a core of accomplished pipers and drummers that love to play, who are ready to compete, and who will welcome and nurture developing players. We use competition as a motivation tool to improve our playing, and we perform for the public at reasonable rates in order to subsidize the costs involved in maintaining an organization like ours.

By all measures, our success continues. Our membership numbers are increasing, our repertoire continues to grow, and our competition results get better with every contest. We're well received and get glowing reviews from our public performances.

The NATLPD band philosophy is simple - good music, good will, good fun. If you are interested in hiring a bagpiper or a bagpipe band, we hope you will consider North Atlanta Pipes & Drums. Contact us today!

 North Atlanta Pipes & Drums 2015

New Members Wanted / Needed!

North Atlanta Pipes & Drums is on the move! Our goal is to advance to the highest competitive grade we can. We are actively seeking musicians who can contribute at that level and who are prepared to take personal responsibility for developing and maintaining their skills. NATLPD can provide you with a nurturing environment of like-minded fellow musicians, and leadership that understands that you have a life outside the band. There are no dues or fees to join. Find out more . . .


Early Years of NATLPD
The early days of North Atlanta Pipes & Drums